Workshops give you the opportunity to explore different elements of your practice more deeply, further your knowledge and experience, ask questions and deepen your practice and self exploration.

Yoga, Purpose and Intention

10am - 1pm, June 25 2017
Cost:  £25.00 Suitable for all levels of experience
Location:  The Kailash Centre, 7 Newcourt Street, London, NW8 7AA
Description: The sages and yogis of ancient India observed that our destiny is shaped by our deepest desires and intentions.  Acting as a directed seed of consciousness, an intention contains the seed of what you aim to create. 
Join me for an in depth exploration of the art of intention setting and a practice that aims to align the body, energy, emotions and mind to cultivate the right conditions to create and aim-true in life.  

Pre-booking required, reserve your place

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