There are 2 parts to this retreat. Both will offer you something special and unique. It is recommended to take both parts to make the most of your journey in India but it is also possible to take part one or part two separately depending on your preference, financial and time commitments. For those continuing from part 1 to part 2, we will travel from the Himalayas to Rishikesh.   
Yoga, meditation, hiking and temple discovery
FEBRUARY 26 – MARCH 12 2018
The magnificent Himalayas offer one of the most pristine and stunning landscapes known to man. Considered an 'abode of the Gods', the mystical, ancient mountains have always been a source of immense peace, tranquility and enchantment. It is the perfect environment to practice yoga, to develop and to truly deepen your experience and self discovery. 
The retreat includes daily yoga teaching in a fully equipped yoga studio that offers incredible views and will help you to develop your strength, steadiness, inner and outer awareness, balance your energies and connect deeper within. 
Guided meditation, including outdoor meditation, immersed in the purity of the natural environment, will help you to tune-inwards and uncover your internal wisdom without distraction. 
Guided walks and hikes (mild to medium hikes that progress from approximately 2 to 8 hours) will take you into the forest tracks and river passes where there are stunning, panoramic views of the Great Himalayas and where you will discover sacred spaces and temples that dot the foot hills of the landscape including snake mother temple, Lankraveer and Kiari temples. 
Accommodation is at Himalayan Orchard Farmstay just outside a small, peaceful, traditional hill village called Rukhla in eastern Himachal Pradesh which offers incredible, friendly insight into traditional, rural life and culture. The farm is located in an unspoiled, natural and immensely beautiful area that is especially rich in flora, fauna and wildlife. It is situated at the limit of the orchard belt stretching up from the river below with protected deodar forests stretching above it, to rocky mountain peaks beyond. Beyond that lie virgin, protected, open forests stretching all the way up to the glaciers in the far distance. 
FEBRUARY 26 – MARCH 12 2018
Since ancient times, Rishikesh has been a pilgrimage centre for yogis and Hindu devotees and continues to attract thousands of people from all over the world to experience its beauty and sanctity. It is considered as a holy town with many ashrams that dot the banks of the holy river Ganga which runs throughout the city. It is still a popular area for yogis and Sanyasi (renunciates) to be, and is regarded as a Yoga capital of the world. 
One of the most glorious attractions in Rishikesh is the Ganga itself which is considered to be a sacred and spiritually purifying river and is considered to be a Goddess in Hinduism. Her banks are the perfect place for quiet reflection, healing, stillness and meditation. To spend time there in itself, can have a catalyzing effect on your inner process of transformation. 
Your stay in Rishikesh will be at a beautiful, friendly and hospitable guest house called Yoga Villa. Rooms are clean and comfortable and meals are made from fresh, organic produce from the guest house’s own small farm. 
You will enjoy daily yoga teaching together with visits to ashrams, and local sites and will have time to browse the many markets and shops selling clothes, jewellery, books and souvenirs. 
Help will be available with travel arrangements and airport transfers. 
It is highly recommended to book flights in advance to avoid higher prices.
Please get in touch for full details including a brochure and prices.

How to get there

Depending on where you are travelling from, the easiest and most cost effective way to get there is usually to get a return flight to Delhi followed by a taxi.  Please enquire for full travel details. 

Further Info

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