Yoga, Purpose and Intention

Date:  June 25 2017 Time:  10am to 1pm At:  The Kailash Centre, 7 Newcourt Street, London, NW8 7AA. The sages and yogis of ancient India observed that our destiny is shaped by our deepest desires and intentions.  Acting as a directed seed of consciousness, an intention contains the seed of what you aim to create. Join me for an in depth exploration of the art of intention setting and a practice that aims to align the body, energy, emotions and mind to cultivate the right conditions to create and aim-true in life. Suitable for all levels of experience. Cost:  £25 Pre-booking required


DATE: SUNDAY 29 JANUARY 2016 TIME: 10.00AM – 1.00PM VENUE:  The Kailash Centre, London, NW8 7AA. The need to be ‘doing’ all the time is a cultural effect.  Yet hard effort alone does not necessarily yield positive results and can leave us feeling tired, still without achieving what we had set out to.  Too much ease however, does not enable us to get things done or to progress. For effort to be fruitful, it needs to be precise and aligned, energising rather than depleting.  Our intentions need to be clear so that our actions and energy can follow. We also need space to allow for relaxation and stillness, to receive what is already at the core of our being.  When we act, we are then able to do so from a position of clarity and from the perception that comes from inner awareness rather than from tension, expectation or the need for control. Starting from the body, you will explore an asana sequence and range of movement to discover where you may be over or under […]